Tracy Bennett

Profile Updated: September 20, 2009
Residing In: sioux city, IA USA
Spouse/Partner: Ric Mohr
Occupation: Dance Instructor
Yes! Attending Reunion

Well as expected, I have been immersed in the world of the family business. Many of you understand my woes, I'm sure. Really it has been great. I have done everything from setting up a Dance Program for Morningside College-which is my current 10 year endeavor- to choreographing for such things as shows on the Las Vegas Strip, touring and teaching on a National level through Dance Educators of America. I belong to numerous arts boards, and do tons of local work with the schools, churches and theatres. I find there is always plenty of work and try to keep myself intrigued with new projects. Ric, my 19 year partner, and I keep a constant buying and selling of houses in our lives--which brings in a whole new level of crazy, but affords us many extra luxuries. I have been so very fortunate to travel the world extensively. This is my passionate passtime, which I hope to make my fulltime when the mother unit finally retires. We have been to China, Africa,and Europe and have plans to get to Machu Pichu (South America) at X-mas. We are relentlessly working our way through the book 1,000 Places to See before you Die. I have no children. I have survived 2 forms of Cancer which assisted in my choices about children. I currently have 2--18year old cats named Giselle and Othello. I do enjoy my life, and feel very blessed.

School Story:

One of my favorites is our Senior "breakfast" at War Eagles Grave. Of course it got busted--we all ran--where did we go? Like fools we all went to school. I was in cooking class when I got the call to the office to "weasle out" my friends. I don't know maybe Mrs. Weiner had a clue I was drunk when I kept dropping eggs on her floor. Anyway... I went into Kuchel's office, by this time I had a full Bubs-o-Daddy in my mouth (it seemed logical at the time) and Kuchel told me to spit it out. Well I took my feet off his desk and walked over to the garbage with my wad of gum and proceeded to miss the garbage can by a good foot.
He just shook his head, I honestly stunned this man. His wife was my mom's best friend and he didn't have a clue what to do. He just sent me to the nurses office for a nap. That day, we had the "walk out". It was a day to remember.

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Tracy Bennett has a birthday today.
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Tracy Bennett has a birthday today.
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Tracy Bennett has a birthday today.
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Tracy Bennett has a birthday today.
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Tracy Bennett has a birthday today.
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