Top Ten Reasons West High Class of ’79 Was the Coolest, Hippest, Toughest and in every other way Bestest class ever
10.     Our biology classes dissected retired teachers
9.     Rogstad made his daily PA announcements in the nude
8.     Every 5th period on Fridays: school-wide booty call
7.    When we got caught with pot in our locker, we ONLY got in trouble if it was really crappy ditch weed.
6.    Butler’s simplified geography class divided world into “America” and “Those foreign b_stards”
5.     West’s dress code was “no shirt, no shoes, no servicing the music teacher’s daughter”
4.      We got extra credit in Spanish class every time we ate at Taco John’s
3.      Art class spent an entire semester on perfecting gang graffiti symbols
2.     Our sex ed final was nailing the school nurse
And the number one reason the West High Class of ’79 rocked:
1.     Our diplomas were printed in goat’s blood